Sprachtrainer Schweiz - Archiv 2007

Everyday topics and current events at your level of German or Swiss German - Coping with life in Switzerland!

  • Bored with the fabricated stories in your German textbook?
  • Interested in relevant information about Switzerland?
  • Why not add real value to your language learning?
  • Sprachtrainer Schweiz keeps you up-to-date with life in Switzerland
  • at YOUR LEVEL! - for only 49 Euro!



How it Works
Download the software Sprachtrainer Schweiz 2007. The articles - one for each week in 2007 - are short (10-20 lines) with 2-3 short optional exercises on vocabulary and grammar (except Deutsch Stufe 4). Deutsch Stufe 1 and Schweizerdeutsch come with a sound file of the text and from 1 June 2007  with a translation into English (emphasis on word to word translation rather than perfect English). 

After installing the software, we will send you a download link for the files that you need to drag manually to the content folder. We will provide you with the detailed instructions.

Take the self assessment index to see if you need
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced or Expert level Sprachtrainer Schweiz.
Download the software of your appropriate level of German.
Note: the material is not designed as a stand-alone course, but is intended to provide supplementary training to augment your classroom learning.

See screenshots of software (192 KB)